What is Hot Towelling?

What is Hot Towelling?

From winter deep cleaning to quick spring washes, hot towelling is a great option, and a versatile too. Even if it's not warm enough for a full bath, you can still achieve a sparkling clean horse! Hot towelling is really useful for cleaning after work, as the horse will dry faster and avoid chills.


The Process of Hot Towelling

Hot towelling, or giving your horse a hot cloth, is essentially steam cleaning your horse. It involves soaking towels, rags or other fabrics in hot water, and many will add no-rinse shampoos or oils for a relaxing experience and amazing scent! To get the best results, a brush or equine vacuum can be used on the horse to remove dirt or dust before steaming.

The first step for hot towelling is to gather some small towels or other fabrics that are around the size of a flannel. Get a clean bucket and hot water - this should not be boiling water, but water hot enough to steam! For our young riders, please ask a parent or other responsible adult to get you the hot water. The next step is to soak and wring our the towels, making sure that they are damp and not really wet. Then, use the towel like it is a comb, working backwards and forwards in small areas, working with and against the natural lay of the coat. Make sure to cover with a cover with a cooler to help to dry the horse and keep it warm! If the coat is very wet, you should use less water next time, wringing out the towel more. It's important to note that if your horse is clipped, you may need to use cooler water, as they have less protection from heat.


Which Products Would You Recommend For Hot Towelling?

Equine America's range of no-rinse shampoos are perfect for hot towelling, and easy to use. They contain all-natural, cruelty-free, paraben-free and sulphate-free ingredients, providing a gentle but effective cleanse. Soothing ingredients, including Aloe Vera, are also present, which support skin health for those affected by rashes and mild irritation. For the ultimate low-effort but highly effective cleanse, try hot towelling with our no-rinse coat shampoos.