Derma Spray
Derma Spray 50ml

Derma Spray

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The spray version of the leading hydrogel Derma Gel – a must for every first aid kit!

  • Isotonic herbal skin hydrogel with a gentle yet effective action to support healing of minor wounds.
  • Promotes a moist epithelial environment, supporting re-epithelialisation.
  • Can be used without a bandage and creates a protective film effect.
  • Clear gel which allows visualisation of the area and monitoring of progress.
  • Derma Gel does not contain steroids and is completely safe to use on pregnant animals and competition horses.
  • Suitable for all animal species.
  • Recommended and used by Vets.
  • Easy to use spray with hands free application – making it idea for fractious animals or owners that are anxious about applying a gel to a minor wound.

Directions for use

Directions for use: Carefully clean the minor wound or sensitive area with warm water before applying the gel generously. Derma Gel is for external use only.

If you have a serious wound or the area is showing signs of infection, please contact your Veterinary Surgeon for advice.


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