Horse Vitamins & Minerals

Forage should form the basis of all equine diets, but many pastures are low in important minerals and trace elements, and preserved forages such as hay and haylage lose many of the vitamins found in fresh pasture through the drying and storing process.

Horses and ponies on a forage-based diet, receiving low levels of fortified concentrate feed will benefit from a broad spectrum mineral and vitamin supplement such as Everyday Vitamins and Minerals, to meet their requirements for health and wellbeing.

Requirements for specific minerals and vitamins may increase in certain circumstances, such as additional B vitamins to support hard-working horses and ponies with little access to fresh pasture, or vitamin E and selenium to support healthy muscles.

We provide a range of both broad-spectrum and specific minerals and vitamins to provide targeted nutritional support to promote health and wellbeing and optimise performance

Pro-Pell Plus is a world-renowned B vitamin supplement, together with a range of additional micronutrients to support energy production and health in performance horses and ponies. It is also an excellent “pick-me-up” for horses who feel a little “flat” after an intense period of training and competition, or as they return to work after an injury or illness.

Everyday Vitamins and Minerals is a broad-spectrum supplement, providing over 25 key vitamins, minerals and trace elements, together with pre and probiotics. The balanced levels of these important micronutrients are suitable for all horses and ponies, including broodmares and growing youngstock

Vitamin E and Selenium are important antioxidants and are available as a stand-alone supplement, as well as forming key components in Tye Gard, to provide targeted nutritional support for healthy muscle function.

Vitamin C plays a vital role in respiratory health, as an important antioxidant, and requirements may increase following periods of stress.

Copper Plus contains highly bio-available, organic sources of this key trace element, and also provides zinc, vitamin E and selenium, providing nutritional support for musculo-skeletal health.