Hoof Care Supplements

It has been recognised for many decades that key nutrients such as biotin, methionine, zinc and calcium play essential roles in the growth and development of strong, healthy hoof horn, and supplemental levels of these critical nutrients are important to support optimum hoof growth.

Nutritional support is also required for horses and ponies on restricted pasture intake, especially when sugar levels are high in Spring and Autumn grass flushes. The Lamigard range provides a unique approach, providing additional vitamins, minerals and plant-based antioxidants, as well as key nutrients to promote hoof health, to support the carefully controlled diet and exercise regime necessary for these horses and ponies. Pre and Probiotics are also included as they are vital to help maintain a healthy gut microbiome in horses and ponies where diet and lifestyle need to be managed.

Super Hoof Pellets provide a very high specification, including 30mg biotin per serve, in addition to sulphur containing amino acids such as methionine, and key minerals copper, zinc and manganese from bioavailable organic sources. Vitamins and plant-based antioxidants are also included, together with milk thistle to support and healthy liver, and probiotics to support gut health.

Lamigard pellets and liquids and Cushins Pellets provide a unique approach to supporting restricted pasture regimes, including high levels of key nutrients for hoof health in addition to vitamin and plant-based antioxidants, pre and probiotics, magnesium and cinnamon.

Hoof Balm is a super concentrated blend of natural oils that moisturise and nourish the hoof, whilst still letting it breathe, and is the ideal product to apply all year round to support hoof health and condition.