Horse Calming & Behaviour Supplements

Horses are fright and flight animals, and can be prone to excitability, stress and nervousness in unfamiliar situations or surroundings (such as new competition or training venues), which can cause them to lose concentration and focus. Providing nutritional support for the nervous system can help the horse to maintain a calm outlook and concentrate on his work.

Key nutrients such as bio-available magnesium and vitamin B1 (thiamine) can help maintain correct nerve and neuromuscular function, supporting focus and concentration. Magnitude provides a simple, cost effective source of supplemental magnesium, and Super So-Kalm powder, solution and paste provide supplemental levels of these vital micronutrients, together with the important amino acid tryptophan to support calm, focused behaviour, without taking away the edge required for optimum performance.

Seasonal behavioural changes and head discomfort triggered by pollen, sunlight, wind or dust may also benefit from supplemental nutrition to support the nerve, respiratory and immune systems. Shaker Gard provides advanced, plant-based support for seasonal discomfort.

Hormone imbalances in mares can lead to “stroppy or moody”, unwilling behaviour, sometimes making a horse difficult to handle and resulting in a reduction in performance. No More Moods provides plant-based support including chasteberries (Agnus castus) and key micronutrients to support the endocrine system.

Magnitude provides supplemental magnesium, from magnesium oxide to help support the nervous system in cases where magnesium intake from the diet may be marginal.

So-Kalm powder, solution and handy paste forms all provide magnesium, vitamin B1, and the key amino acid tryptophan to support the nervous system.  Super So-Kalm powder and paste provide higher levels of these key nutrients when additional support is required.

Shaker Gard provides a range of important, plant-based antioxidants such as Astragalus, nettle and spirulina, as well as key vitamins including Vitamins C, E B1, and folic acid to support the respiratory and nervous systems, as well as Boswellia and echinacea to support the immune system and normal inflammatory response for seasonal head discomfort.

No More Mood is a palatable liquid formulation, containing Agnus castus extracts (Chasteberry), to provide nutritional support for the endocrine (hormone) system, as well as magnesium and vitamin B1 to support the nervous system.