Horse Fly & Summer Sprays

Flies and midges are a continual problem in the spring and summer months for horse owners to contend with, so having an effective horse fly repellent is important to prevent flies and stinging insects from irritating your horses. Our innovative range of horse fly repellents including the classic Fly Repel Spray, our long-lasting, easy to use fly repel gel - we have got everything you need. We also have a specific Stinger fly and insect repellent for horses that prevents stinging and biting insects from harming your horse. For more information on our range of equine fly sprays please get in touch.

For horse’s that are prone to insect bites, the Fly-Repel Spray delivers effective relief from midges, mosquitos and other insects for up to eight hours! Our Fly-Repel product is available in an easy-to-use gel, as well as a spray.

Maintaining healthy skin is key to the health and wellbeing of your horse, so fly repellents are a great way of supporting your horses throughout the warmer months when flies and midges can cause irritation and discomfort.