Horse Wellbeing Supplements

Every horse owner knows the importance of making sure their horse gets everything they need to keep them feeling their best. Equine America Wellbeing supplements are a great way of providing all the necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients required to keep horses and ponies feeling happy and healthy. Wellbeing supplements are designed to be used all year round, but they can be particularly useful to supplement horses and ponies who have limited access to pasture, or when a little extra support or help is required at any time of the year.

A very popular supplement from the Wellbeing range is the high-quality linseed-based oil, EA Supreme Omega Oil, which supports a glossy coat and healthy skin, as well as providing vital omega 3 fatty acids to support immune function.

Cushins Pellets combine key nutrients and ingredients to support the hormone (endocrine) system, as well as vital micronutrients to help maintain healthy hooves, and a probiotic to support gut health.

Immune provides a wealth of natural, plant based compounds including Echinacea and Astragalus to support the immense system, and may be combined with Xtra Boost Hemogen to provide vital B vitamins as a useful ‘pick-me-up’ when horses feel a little ‘flat’.

Poor doers will benefit from the highly palatable linseed and stabilised rice bran in Bloom and Condition pellets, widely used to promote extra condition for underweight horses.