Horse Digestive Supplements

Modern horses and ponies are subjected to many challenges and stresses, including training and competition, travel, moving yards, often involving unavoidable changes in forage and companions, meal feeding rather than ad-lib forage, and limited grazing.

All of these factors can upset the horse’s complex digestive system, resulting in gastric discomfort and disruption to the delicate balance of the horse’s microbiota - the population of vital, beneficial microorganisms in the horse’s hindgut which play such an important role in the horse’s health, from fibre digestion to vitamin synthesis and also a key role in the correct functioning of the immune system.

Digestive disturbances can cause a drop in condition, behavioural changes and loss of performance.

We produce a range of specialized supplements to support digestive health, combining the latest scientific research with traditional principles, including Uls-Gard pellets and liquid to support gastric health, Pro Gut Balancer to support and maintain a healthy, thriving gut microbiota, Sandout pellets to support horses and ponies grazing very sandy pastures, and Liver flush, providing a range of plant-based antioxidants to support a healthy liver. 

Uls-Gard pellets and solution provide key minerals from marine algae, amino acids and plant-based compounds including lecithin, pectins, aloe vera, marshmallow and liquorice, as well as beta glucans from high nucleotide yeasts to support gastric health.

Pro Gut Balancer is a unique combination of pre and probiotics, plus a mannan oligosaccharide (MOS) to help support and maintain a healthy gut microbiota.

Liver Flush provides plant extracts including milk thistle, dandelion, chicory and artichoke to support a healthy liver.

Our unique Sandout pellets contain over 90% psyllium, to support sand removal from the digestive system, and also contains probiotics, to restore and maintain the gut microbiota.