Horse Grooming Products

Grooming your horse is an essential part of equine care. Our range of horse grooming products covers everything from equine shampoo to body washes. Whether you are getting your horse or pony ready for competition or you are just doing your usual care routine we have a range of high-quality equine grooming products. Our popular sheath cleaner with coconut extracts is highly rated by professionals! Our post-exercise muscle and limb solution is great for a relaxing rinse and to refresh tired muscles and limbs. We also have horse shampoos, detangling spray for mane and tails, hoof balm and so much more. Please get in touch for more info or any help in choosing the right grooming products for you and your horse.

Grooming is more than just keeping your horses looking their best for shows and competitions – it’s essential for maintaining hygiene as well. We offer a wide variety of grooming products to keep your horses in top condition throughout the year.

Our Fungatrol range is perfect for keeping your horses’ skin free from fungal infections and cracked skin, which can develop during the colder, wetter months of the year. From creams and sprays to a no-rinse body wash, everything in our Fungatrol range contains a blend of natural ingredients, such as tea tree and clove bud oils and chamomile to prevent microbes and bacteria and help soothe the skin.

To condition the coat and keep the skin soft and supple, our Citronella and Tea Tree range is a great option. The shampoo contains vitamin E to maintain a healthy and shiny coat, while our Citronella Spray contains lanolin, aloe vera and eucalyptus oil to condition the coat and protect the skin. Tails can also get neglected when it comes to thinking about grooming products, but it’s an important aspect of the grooming routine. Our Silky Tail Un-Tangler spray contains natural silk and coconut oils to keep the tail smooth and shiny, as well as conditioning the hair so it doesn’t become brittle.

It’s also important to consider products that can help to repair the skin or encourage hair growth for your horses. For example, our Sooth-Itch Cream is a topical product that helps to reduce irritating itching from dry skin or bites and also helps the hair to grow back thick and healthy once more.

Equine America provides an extensive range of high-quality grooming products to ensure you have everything you need to keep your horses looking and feeling their best, whether you’re getting them ready for a show or you’re just carrying out their everyday grooming regimen.