Cortaflex® Working Dog Powder - Information and Nutrition

Feeding Directions

  • Small Dogs (<20kg): Add 1.5g powder to feed and mix thoroughly (60-day supply)
  • Large Dogs (>20kg): Add 3g powder to feed and mix thoroughly (30-day supply)
  • Approx. 3g scoop enclosed

Suitable for the hardest working dogs and those of more advanced years Cortaflex® Working Dog performs on another level. The highest quality and most innovative ingredients, come together in an optimally dosed formula for the ultimate in joint mobility and comfort support.

Built on the solid foundations of glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid to help with joint structure and lubrication, Cortaflex® Working Dog uses a unique and highly specialised native type II collagen (b-2Cool®) that invokes an intelligent immune-mediated mechanism to prevent connective tissue degradation. b-2Cool® is backed by 3 scientific studies. Cortaflex® Working Dog also contains vitamin C and manganese which act as co-factors for structural tissue development and work as antioxidants to soothe irritation. 

Cortaflex® Working Dog also contains AquaLOX® boswellia - the world's most powerful and most effective botanical for soothing sore and aching joints. Backed by numerous scientific trials, AquaLOX® boswellia contains exceptionally high levels of AKBA (Alpha Keto Boswellic Acid), the key component recognised for its incredible results.