Geir Gulliksen

geir gulliksen jumping Equine America Grandino H in Paris

“It is incredibly important to us to make sure our horses are feeling comfortable as they compete. Feeding Cortaflex ensures our horses have the support they need to be at their best, and maintain their peak performance.”

Geir Gulliksen

Geir Gulliksen has become synonymous, for many people, with Norwegian show jumping. His invaluable experience and knowledge of horses and the sport, has not only enabled his incredible career, but also those of his children, Victoria and Johan-Sebastian, and helped all three to great success!

Geir is a four-time FEI World Equestrian Games competitor and 2 time Olympian, as well as a member of the Global Champions League Team, The Scandinavian Vikings. But the most important part for Geir, is working with the horses, and making the plan to help them best achieve; "To do well, you have to love horses. If you don't like horses, and don't enjoy being around them, you should not ride. I think if you work with horses, they work with you."


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