Jordy Van Massenhove

Jordy Van Massenhove and equine America Verdiamo Z jumping

“I feel very privileged to partner with Equine America. A brand we have loved for a long time, for their knowledge and innovations. They deliver an excellent service and for me, are number 1 on the market. One of my favourite products is Hemogen Xtra Boost, which keeps my horses feeling fresh when competing a lot, and especially in hot weather conditions. It makes them feel lighter in the body while working and gives fast results.

Jordy Van Massenhove

Jordy is a Belgian rider, born in 1995. He started riding around the age of 7, going to a riding school where he started showjumping lessons. After a short period he got his first horse and competed at his first international shows at the age of 13. While competing in Junior and Young Rider competitions, Jordy competed on his first Nations Cup team as well. He aims to always get the best out of his horses, and has a love for riding them each day to try and improve them, with great respect for the sport as a whole. 

Jordy has started competing in his first Global Champions Tour in 2022 and aims to continue to improve at each event, learning each time! His goal is to gain a podium finish in a CT Grand Prix during the next few years. Alongside the continued aim of representing Belgium at Championships in the future, Jordy aims to fight for these goals with his team, and is grateful to his owners and partners for their support, both at championships and in day to day life. 



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