Airways™ XTRA Strength Powder - Information and Nutrition

A powerful blend of natural, plant-derived essential oils, known for their role in maintaining respiratory function. Eucalyptus helps clear the respiratory tract of a build-up of mucus caused by constant exposure to dust. Peppermint oil helps open the airways and clear excess mucus.

Feeding directions:

  • For a 500kg horse; 14g per day
  • Maximum: 14g per day (approx.)
  • Measure enclosed

Additives (per kg):
Sensory additives:
2b Eucalyptus oil 6g, 2b Peppermint Oil 2g, 2b02015 Menthol 1g.

Alfalfa Meal, Linseed Oil.


Key Ingredients per 14g Serving

Peppermint Oil 28mg Eucalyptus Oil 84mg
Menthol 14mg

Additives (per kg):

Sensory additives : 2b Eucalyptus oil 6000mg, 2b Peppermint oil 2000mg, 2b02015 Menthol 1000mg.

Composition: Alfalfa Meal, Linseed oil


Crude Protein 15.4% Crude Fibre 23.4%
Crude Fat 2.8% Crude Ash 9.9%
Sodium 0.1%