Nutrition - ULS-GARD® Pellets

Equine America Uls-Gard Pellets have been formulated using carefully selected ingredients to help maintain gastric health and comfort including:

Slow release calcium and magnesium from marine algae, to help balance the gut pH.

Lecithin – a special type of fat which helps to protect  and repair the cells lining the stomach

Pectins, Marshmallow root and Liquorice – to help produce mucilage which acts as a physical protective barrier for the unprotected upper portion of the stomach

Aloe Vera and Glycine – to help support the gastric mucosa (lining of the stomach).

High nucleotide yeast  to provide beta glucans which help to increase the viscosity of stomach contents, and provide nutritional support for a healthy gastric mucosa (stomach lining)

Alfalfa and soya hulls to provide a fibrous “mat” and to help maintain a healthy gastric pH.


    Directions for feeding:
    For typical 500g horse:  100g per day, ideally divided in to 2 or 3 feeds. Maximum 200g per day if required. 50 g (approx.) measure enclosed) 

    Additives (per kg): Technological additives: 1c322i Lecithin Liquid  15,125mg, Diatomaceous Earth (purified) E551c 25,000mg. Sensory Additives: 2b17034 Glycine 5,000mg,

    Composition: Soya hulls (from genetically modified sources), Wheatfeed, Dried Alfalfa, Maerl, Apple Pectin, Magnesium Oxide, Yeast Products, Soya Oil (from genetically modified sources), Althaea officinalis (marshmallow) root powder,  Liquorice root, Aloe Vera (200:1 extract).

    Analytical Constituents:

    Crude Protein 11.0% Crude Ash 24.1%
    Crude Fat 4.3% Sodium 0.3%
    Crude Fibre 17.7% Calcium 5%
    Magnesium 2.3%