Biotin Xtra Powder 2.5kg

Biotin Xtra

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    Biotin For Horses
  • SUPPORT YOUR HORSES HEALTH - For horses & ponies that need extra support to ensure hoof quality and skin and coat health are maintained with a blend of high-quality ingredients

  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Biotin Xtra Powder provides a full 20mg biotin per 50g daily dose, as well as zinc and sulphur containing amino acid methionine to help promote strong, healthy hooves

  • ESSENTIAL FOR HOOF HEALTH - Biotin Xtra Powder also contains MSM, a source of bio-available sulphur to help promote hoof wall strength and integrity. Includes another key ingredient, calcium, an important nutrient for hoof health and growth

  • READY TO USE - Biotin Xtra powder is a ready to use and a fully balanced supplement for horses. Brewers yeast is added to provide a natural source of B vitamins, for immune support and a glossy coat. Add to your horse’s regular feed

  • DOSAGE - A 2.5kg Tub should last an average horse 50 days when fed as part of a balanced diet. Do not exceed 50g per day unless under professional advice. 50g (approx.) measure enclosed

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