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Formula 1 Pellets

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  • Joint support: Collagen, hyaluronic acid, key amino acids, Boswellia, Turmeric, Silicon and MSM
  • Digestive support: Pectin, lecithin, liquorice, marshmallow, diatomaceous earth, probiotic
  • Muscle support: Vitamin E, selenium, spirulina, rice bran, whey powder, copper
  • Immune support: Echinacea
  • Energy support: B vitamins
  • Health and wellbeing: High level, broad spectrum mineral and vitamin premix

Product Description

Elite performance horses undertaking rigorous training, travelling, competition or racing schedules may require additional support for their joints and muscles, digestive system, immune system and to maintain peak energy levels. Feeding several different supplements to meet these needs can be costly and time consuming. Formula 1 can solve this problem, combining key ingredients from Equine America’s top performance products into one palatable, easy to feed pellet to provide nutritional support for gastric health, joints, muscles, bones, hooves and the immune system, as well as a broad spectrum mineral and vitamin supplement and probiotic.

Bought With

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